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Ultimate Intimate Relationship Programme

Be the best version of yourself!

If you are a successful businesswoman struggling to find a partner, or to build a more stable, nurturing relationship, this site is for you. With the programs I’ve developed you will learn how to manage your emotions —and be in control of your actions to achieve the fulfillment you deserve.


Our thoughts dictate our emotions; we determine our story. By actively selecting our thoughts, we shape our state of mind, gaining control over our emotional responses. We can filter out negativity, cultivating positive thoughts for improved well-being. The science of gratitude demonstrates that acknowledging what we're thankful for increases happiness, reduces stress, and enhances overall life satisfaction. In essence, we hold the power to choose our emotional path, and embracing positive thoughts, such as gratitude, can be a scientifically proven key to a more fulfilling life.


Physical activity serves as a catalyst for mental clarity through brain oxygenation. The body's physical extension to the brain is the spinal cord. When we move our limbs, we facilitate oxygen flow into the spinal cord, which then nourishes the brain. This process, often experienced as heightened focus and improved cognitive function, underscores the profound connection between physical and mental well-being. So, when we engage in regular physical activity, we are not only nurturing our bodies but also our minds, ensuring that the brain receives the vital oxygen it needs to function optimally and maintain mental clarity.


The composition of our bacterial flora has a significant impact on our dietary preferences and emotional well-being. One can choose to undergo a sugar-free month to break free from the craving for sugar, allowing for a shift in bacterial flora composition. This highlights the power of choice in determining which bacterial strains thrive within our bodies, ultimately influencing our food cravings and emotions.

Ultimate Intimate Relationship Programme

This programme has been prepared to help you to get out of the relationship misery you are experiencing right now and find someone special to build one, feel loved and emotionally connected.

Does this sound crazy or too good to be true? I am telling you it is not. It is just real.

Why would this work when you have been dating for the last few years and haven’t found anyone that deserves you or anyone table enough to engage in a proper relationship? Because your mindset will shift, you will be looking for different things, in yourself first. It is not about lowering the bar and the standards you have by compromising to a less than ideal candidate. I want the best for you, i.e. means the best relationship. This is about getting to know yourself deeply to know what you truly need to feel love. Are you sure you are attracting the best men for you? Why it is not? Are you trying to be someone you are not to be more attractive? Let’s find out what you are looking for in your intimate relationships and how to get there. You will be amazed by the discovery you’ll make. You’ve studied so much to achieve the professional career you have and you are fighting every day to demonstrate to your co-workers and bosses that you deserve to be there and more, that there has really been little space to devote to the love life in those last ten years or more. And when you thought you found someone at your level then you have been disappointed time and again. You almost decided to give up to finding the perfect soul-mate it’s too time consuming, tiring, if not frustrating. It does’t have to be like that. I have done the research and the tests for you and come up with a programme that will help you approach intimate relations from your true self, in a different way you approach work. Because love is not work, and what you have learned helps you succeed in the professional arena, more likely destroys a love flame rather than expanding it. It’s no-one’s fault, it is just that a different skillset is required to advance in the intimate sphere. And for those of us who grew up in the 70 and 80s, managing emotions was not a priority on our parents' or school’s agenda since they were busy giving us a great education, and to grow as strong and independent women. So, now that you became that amazing independent women who is able to pay her own bills, travels across the world and speaks different language, now it’s the time to learn how to use your emotions to achieve the intimate relationship you also deserve.

What it entails:

We will have eight one-on-one sessions that will allow you to identify which are the limiting thoughts that have prevented you to enjoy true love and companionship, and provide you with a roadmap for your future intimate relationships with a special one.

1.  Identify your love type

  • Be aware of what makes you spark

  • Discover the way you receive and give love

  • Why someone perfect on paper is not interested in you (and does not really suit you)

  • Get clarity on what you need: true love is not a game of power

2. Identify your limiting thoughts

  • Get to in touch with your intimate voice, what is she telling you? Is it helping?

  • Uncover the disguise that traps your true soul

  • Be free from the heavy mask you wear daily to fight the life challenges

  • Reconsider the pillars you have been using so far

  • Create a roadmap for your lifelong relationship

3. Welcome someone from a place of abundance (mindset)

  • (Re)gain the self-confidence you need to create the love-life you deserve

  • Uncover the inner creative mindset to help you take the actions you want 

  • Awaken your self-love and feelings of prosperity

  • Experience a deep sense of abundance to drive your path to fulfilment

  • Experience freedom from performance stress

4. Remove past anchors and failed habits

  • Set you free from your old ghosts

  • Understand what was limiting your love life

  • Feel great to start living the life you deserve with a renovated heart

5. Vulnerability as a point of strength. How to go about it?

  • Find out your true way of loving, what you strive for, and how to get it

6. Six human needs. What are them and how they drive us?

  • Be aware of power games and the need to feel significant and can it interfere with your intimate relationship

7. Three levels of relationships and how to live to the best level

  • How to get to the next level in a relationship and feel fully supported

8. Create lasting love

  • Commit to a renewed set of principles, vision, and to live as the best version of yourself

Ultimate Program of Intimate Relationships

This program includes:

  • One hour and a half initial session

  • One-to-one sessions for 50 minutes (through Zoom), every week

  • A questionnaire to identify the main conductors of your actions

  • A brief summary of each session written by me

  • A task after each session (not more than one hour of work)

  • Access to my WhatsApp number for any urgency (answer within 24 hours, less weekends)

  • Two urgent calls of 20 minutes for the duration of the plan's validity

  • The plan is valid for 5 months

So, if you're ready

  • To let go of the fear of being alone

  • To leave the doubts you have about what you do or say

  • To feel like a comfortable woman in her shoes, calm, and attractive on a daily basis

  • To establish a first-class relationship with someone special

  • To learn to identify your needs and the ones of your partner

  • To take help and do whatever it takes to realise your dream

I invite you to join me in this transformative private coaching program. This investment is going to change your life from today...

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Hi! My name is Federica Bottamedi, and I am a certified Transformational Life Coach. After a career as a quality control expert in international development, I’ve designed a suite of programs to help successful women find the personal fulfillment they deserve to fully thrive. I’ve seen too many women performing at 110% in highly competitive work environments at the expense of their personal lives, jeopardizing their health. This is not fair! I wish to share my training and experience to help successful women —like you!— to develop a wholesome work-family-life balance. I know it’s possible, and I want to show you how!

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